Friends of the Library Week in South Carolina

Hey y’all!  It is Friends of the Library Week this week (Oct. 17th – 23rd) in South Carolina.  Gov. Sanford just recently signed the proclamation for this week to encourage South Carolinians to support their local public libraries.  So if you are a resident of the Palmetto State, take a little time and stop by your local library, check out a couple of books, maybe attend a library hosted program, and just be grateful that library services are available in your community.

Friends of the Library groups are becoming more and more important for public library systems as there are increasing budget cuts and tight finances.  Friends of the Library systems work to raise additional fundings for their local libraries, provide additional volunteering workers, and promote their libraries to the rest of the community.  I know that at the Greenville County Library System we are always very appreciative of our Friends of the Library group and all the support they give us.  Thank you Gov. Sanford for proclaiming a week in appreciation of these groups as well as public libraries in general.

Friends of Libraries Proclamation 2010

Friends of Libraries Proclamation 2010

~ by Nathaniel on October 18, 2010.

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