Goats in Tress 2011, a Tale of Regret

Allow me to share with you a lesson I recently learned, which goes something like this; don’t pass up on buying awesome (and relatively cheap) things when you first find them.  Why, because you may have no such luck finding them again.

I relate this lesson, as having learned it in regards to the 2011 Goats in Trees calendar.  Just before Christmas I encountered this gem in the store, and being in need of a calendar, I thought that this would be ideal. However, having spent a lot on Christmas gifts at the time I decided to hold off.  Sadly this was an act of foolishness.

Fast-forward a few weeks and I return to the store that had previously carried the wondrous Goats in Trees 2011 calendar only to find that they had it no more.  Not much of a shocker considering the levels of awesomeness involved in said calendar.  However, I assumed that my pal the ol’ Internet would be able to hook me up.  Well, as you can likely tell form the above Amazon link, the calendar is not necessarily unavailable, but purchasing it would likely require sacrificing a months worth of heating.  This is a shame considering that originally at the store the thing only cost about $10.

And thus my lesson is concluded.  Seriously, I could have dished out my ten fucking greens back then and be rocking a real flippin’ sweet calendar now.  Instead I was frugal and foolish and am left looking at that amazing Goats in Trees 2011 calendar in the form of shoddy JPEGs.  No satisfaction.  Instead I ended up buying a chicken calendar, which in any other circumstances would probably be pretty legit, but in the shadow of Goats in Trees 2011, it just doesn’t cut it.


Goats in Trees 2011

Look at it! It is fantastic! One can truly live happily (for a year) with a calendar like that hanging on the wall. Alas, my year might just not be up to standard with my chickens.

~ by Nathaniel on January 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Goats in Tress 2011, a Tale of Regret”

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