Signs of the Apocalypse: McDonald’s Oatmeal

Really I can just let Mark Bittman’s opinion piece “How to Make Oatmeal . . . Wrong” do all the talking for this Sign of the Apocalypse.  But if you want the gist of it it is this, how the hell can McDonald’s take something as simple, cheap, and healthy as oatmeal and bastardize the shit out of it till you are left with an over priced junk food.  While it may seem like a bit of a challenge to you and me, McDonalds pulls it off quite professionally.

I have mentioned before how Mr. Bittman is a personal favorite food writer of mine, and has provided me with a lot of my outlook in regards to the value of cooking ones own food.  The real kicker of his piece here, is how he points out how easy making oatmeal is (you don’t even actually need hot water).  In all honesty it is challenging to think of many easier or quicker foods.  Yet somehow McDonalds is making the claim for convenience and people are being convinced.  Hence I firmly place this product of the McDonalds as a pillar of the end times.  Thanks a fucking lot Ronald, for encouraging us to be even lazyier and fatter.

* sigh * 

Note: As an aside, it is good to see Mr. Bittman writing for the NYTimes again.  He ended his well regarded and enjoyable Minimalist column last month, after many years of success, and now he is going to be a contributing writer to the Opinionator collection of New York Times blogs.  Keep up the good work sir, you’re always a pleasure to read.

~ by Nathaniel on February 23, 2011.

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