An Ode to Earl Grey

Oh Earl Grey tea, there is so much that I can say in appreciation of your delightfulness.  While I cannot remember what my first tea was, I do know that you were the first tea that I always remembered and actively sought out.  You are dark and smooth with that slightest citrus note.  You are delightful as an alternative to black coffee in the morning times, but also wonderful as an early afternoon sipping tea, or in the evening to provide some end of the day relaxation.

Some would drink you with a bit or milk or honey (or both) but I like you just as you are.  I steep your leaves a bit longer as the bitterness of the tannins is appealing to my palate.  From your flavoring I have learned that bergamot is intended as the citrus as opposed to the herb.  You posses a history which is interesting and explains your name.  All and all, you are the epitome of good tea to me.

Cheers to you, oh Earl Grey tea!

~ by Nathaniel on April 13, 2011.

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