The First Annual Greenville Urban Farm Tour

This Saturday we will be one of the garden stops on Greenville’s first annual Urban Farm Tour.  We have been working like crazy (Eliza more so than me) over the past several months to get a garden in the ground and ready for this event.  Put on by Greenville Organic Foods Organization (or GOFO as we more commonly refer to it) the event intends to educate to people in Greenville that living in the city need not limit the ability to have good gardens and grow our own delicious vegetables.

Our house and garden will be one of over 25 sites that people will be able to visit throughout the day.  Tickets are just $7 a person ($5 per individuals in groups of four or more) and will be available the day of the event.  I know that Eliza and I will be busily answering questions and demonstrating some of what we hope to accomplish with our garden space.  The proceeds will continue to support GOFO and future events of similar nature.  All around I think this will be a great opportunity for people to learn more about how gardening and farming can occur right within an urban environment.

Eliza and her mother (whose house is also on the tour) made a special appearance on the local news last night in support of the event.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you out there at the day of the event and for those who can’t make it I will definitely try to put up more posts and pictures about our garden throughout the summer.

~ by Nathaniel on May 6, 2011.

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