2011 Chanterelles

Over the past two weekends some friends and I have wandered into the woods looking for chanterelle mushrooms.  From experience over the past two years this is the time of year when the delightful orange fungi start to show up a lot.  While we did not meet complete lack of success over the past two weekends I will say that I think both foreys left us all wanting.  In comparission to the same time last year (when we easily found something like 20lbs worth of chanterelles) our mushroom baskets felt kind of light when we walked back out of the woods.  However, all was not bust.  We each gathered enough of the apricot smelling mushrooms to be able to cook a meal or two with them.  On a personal up-note, I found a really large porchini this past Saturday which really excited me (I have only found a handful or porchinis since I first started mushroom foraging about three years ago and so I am always pleased to find them).

Anyway, we’ll probably plan on going out looking some more over the next several weeks and hopefully one of them will provide more bountiful finds.

~ by Nathaniel on June 21, 2011.

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