On Buying My First Suit

What with the fact that I am going to be getting married in October, and that being only a few months off now, it was about high time I got something to wear that would look presentable to all involved (wife to be, family, friends, fashion critic pets, etc.).  While I think that I own a pretty respectable wardrobe when it come down to being able to dress pretty presentable (I have plenty of ties, shirts, slack, etc.) the occasion of being married yourself tends to demand a little more style.  And while I have an old used suit I got some years ago (from where I am really not certain, I like to think it just materialized in my closet one day), I wanted to have something to wear that would really look good for the upcoming memorable occasion (little known fact, I am gifted with a form of foresight which allows me to predict with 100% accuracy what future occasions will be memorable.  Not so good at predicting utterly forgettable future happenstance).

I think I have mentioned in previous posts, that I am rather partial to clothing.  While my mother would be happy to inform people that I often dress like a “Schlemiel” (I’ve never been sure why, as a Roman Catholic, she selected this particular bit of yiddish in describing her sons’ appearances), I like to think, as I have grown up, that I have come more to my own in being able to style myself respectably.  As such, I have a healthy respect in regards to the matter of owning and wearing a nice looking suit.  However, when it come to clothing, the one thing that I believe quite adamantly, is that one needs not spend tons of money on it.  Let’s face it, in a draw, I’d rather have $50 to buy food for a week than burn it on a new pair of pants.  Thus I have become quite good at finding affordable clothing and taking advantage of it when it is available.

New suits are expensive.  There is no two ways about it. However, with a bit of patience, a few choice discounts and coupons, and splitting up the entire purchase, I feel like I was able to walk away with a pretty good deal for buying a new suit yesterday.  I won’t share my exact financial obligation in the regards to procuring the suit, but I will say that I paid less than half what the thing would have cost at full price, and for that I am quite proud.

The suit I chose for my upcoming wedding (and whatever suit wearing occasions present themselves there after) is a slate-colored pinstripe.  The lining is, depending on which way you turn your head to look at it, either a royal blue, or some kind of light purple.  I bought the matching vest too, of course (let’s all be honest here.  Vests are very cool and really don’t receive nearly enough credit).  I also bought two ties that will match nicely (getting new ties is becoming a very enjoyable experience for me).  All and all, I think that it is going to be a very nice and versatile suit for me.

Something about buying a suit feels like a very big step forward into adulthood for me.  Sure, in the past four years, I have had the pleasure of buying appliances (a washer and dryer), a bed, and a car.  I have handled my own bills, got my own job, and been engaged.  But the buying of a suit just strikes me as special.  Sure it is a suit intended to go along with my wedding, but I suspect that my sentiment is something a bit more.  I think it is about what the suit, as a piece of male fashion, symbolizes itself.

While suits are still a relatively frequent piece of modern male fashion, their numbers and frequency are certainly less than they were in the time of the prime (a magical time I like to call the 50s . . . and some decades before that too I guess).  They have weathered the changing of fashion better than other bits of standard male attire (alas, the poor fedora has been on the endangered species list for a long time).  In some ways, the diminishing donning of the male suit, has added to its symbolic significance, so that, wearing one today tends to be in regards to a very important situation or to denote a degree of individual importance.  Thus, in buying one, I am committing to owning a relic of sorts, that can be donned when the need arises.  It is that, the owning of a purposed and special bit of clothing, like the suit, that seems special for me.

So a suit is bought and owned and going to be enjoyed.  I’ll probably not wear it all too often, but when I do, I have faith that I’ll look pretty awesome (not being vain, just a statement of fact, I look good in suits).  I’m proud of it.

~ by Nathaniel on August 4, 2011.

One Response to “On Buying My First Suit”

  1. I think you’re getting a little ahead of yourself here. First you buy the suit, then you reserve the honeymoon suite.

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