Vegetable Gardening’s Rise in Popularity

The New York Times today has a nice little article about the increasing popularity of people growing vegetable gardens in this country.  As a gardener myself, and as Eliza and I (mostly Eliza) begin revitalizing our garden for fall crops, I really appreciate reading this piece.  To me there is a lot of logic in vegetable gardening, even if the economy wasn’t doing so poorly.  I do believe that growing our own food encourages us to eat more healthy, to spend more time outside, and to ultimately save some cash in regards to grocery shopping.

Furthermore, it isn’t all that hard to do.

Yes, having a functioning and healthy garden requires some work and attention, but I think, that once people begin to experience it, they will realize, that it doesn’t take all that much out of their time.  Admittedly Eliza and I have been rather lax this summer with our garden, mostly because we’ve been busy with a lot of wedding planning stuff, however, in just the past several days, Eliza has significantly cleaned up the weeds that had crept in (mostly Morning Glories, one of the most obnoxious garden weeds you can get) and is getting ready to start new crops for the fall.  We are also still harvesting plenty of peppers, eggplants, some tomatoes, the occasional squash, and some various beans.

I hope, that in the years to come, more and more people consider gardening (especially vegetable gardening) as a means to getting a lot of good food, and also as an alternative to traditional yard landscaping (we have very little of our yard that we have to bother mowing or maintaining because most of it is garden space).  Supposedly, during WWII, Liberty Gardens provided somewhere around 30%-40% of the produce consumed in this nation.  Who is to say we can’t do this again?  Does it take an active commitment?  Yes.  Are there challenges? Absolutely.  But do I think it is worth it?  Without question.

Eliza and I live in a city and have a very small yard and yet we’ve found ways to utilize our space very successfully for optimal vegetable growing (as well as chicken raising).  I believe, with a little patience and effort, every house in our neighborhood could be tending their own little gardens.  I think that that would be lovely and so beneficial.  I will keep advocating it, and provide advice where I can.  I hope to hear about others nearby doing some of this soon.

~ by Nathaniel on September 9, 2011.

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