Five Years and Still Running

Well I missed the actually birthday date, but this October (on the 2nd to be exact) General Lordisimo’s Apocalypse turned five years old.

This is really impressive to me.  When I started this blog it was more so just to play around with the technology and see what was what.  Over time I got more and more into it.  During a big part of 2007 and 2008 I was an absolute blogging machine (sometimes writing as many as 5 or more posts a day).  I’ve slowed down since then, but I still try to drop in and write something on about a once weekly to ten day basis.  It is still fun to sit and think and let the words get out.  The subjects have been broad and the style has bounced between humorous, inane, angry, sad, serious, and just generally interested in whatever have you.  I think it has been well worth it.

And while the blog has seen a number of changes, so to have I.  When I started this blog I was in the beginning of my senior year of college.  I was a busy student with an end in sight and not a lot of thoughts about what would come next.  Since then I have moved to South Carolina, where I’ve lived since the summer of 2007, gotten a job, made my own living, bought a car, gotten into a steady relationship, gotten engaged, and, on this upcoming Saturday, I’ll be married.  If I could go back in time, and ask the me of autumn 2006 what I’d be writing on this blog in 2011 I doubt I’d have anything close to what my life has become.  Our foresight is often poor and distorted by present desires.  While there has been a lot challenging moments in the past five years, I don’t feel much regret (regret is not a helpful feeling) nor do I ever really wish I could go back to that time (as I have written recently I don’t like nostalgia too much).  Things change, often quickly, but for the most part we survive, and learn, and grow.  I find it best to pull what little enjoyment from it we can find, and hope that everyday will provide an opportunity for more fascination and wonder.

The next time I write on this blog I will probably be a married man (I don’t think I have much time to write again before the wedding) and will probably be sharing my experience in the whole nuptial thing.  I think it has been great and will continue to be so.  Until then.


~ by Nathaniel on October 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Five Years and Still Running”

  1. Congrats on your upcoming marriage!

    Please try to keep writing as time allows. I read alot, mainly for my business, so it is usually some boring stuff. But this is one of the few blogs I read just for pleasure. Always something different or something to make me think.

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