Preparing for Honeymoon Time

After I get out of work this coming Friday Eliza and I will be leaving on our honeymoon.  We had decided to wait to go on the trip for a few weeks for a couple of reasons.  One being my currently very busy work schedule.  Another being our desire to spend a bit more time with people who were here in town for our wedding.  Also, I think I can speak for the both of us, in saying that a bit of a post-wedding break was necessary (by the Monday after our ceremony we were both exhausted).

When we first began talking about marriage months ago we had various ideas about what to do for a honeymoon.  They included trips to Europe or out west or other far off and seemingly exotic locations.  However, we finally settled on something a little more close to home (and significantly more affordable).  For nine days we will be traveling through North Carolina and Virginia along the historic and very scenic Blue Ridge Parkway.

While this might not be quite the exotic adventure that I trip to somewhere like Europe could be, we are still very excited about this honeymoon.  Both of us love the Appalachian Mountains and will greatly enjoy traveling amongst them.  Furthermore we are heading into prime foliage season for both North Carolina and Virginia, which should provide us with some lovely views.  We have plans to stop at many sightseeing spots as well as visiting a number of Wineries and Breweries along the way (we’ve had mixed reviews about the quality of wine from some of the wineries along the way, but not being major wine drinkers I think that both of us are not too worried).

I think the thing that really excites us more than anything is that our honeymoon will essentially be the first big vacationing trip we’ve taken together since we started dating in 2009.  We have done a number of little weekend trips and day trips, but we have not had the opportunity to do any real long-term trips.  Furthermore, this will be the first real vacation I’ve taken in nearly two years (the last vacationing trip I took was to Vermont for Christmas in 2009).  I have taken vacation time at various points over the last couple of years, but most of those days off constituted staying around Greenville (the furthest traveling was to Charleston this past March).

So here is hoping for a fun and exciting honeymoon.  Hopefully we’ll take lots of picture to show when we get back.

~ by Nathaniel on October 19, 2011.

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