That Slight Chill in the Air

I hate being cold, I really do, but there is something about that first cold snap that touches the air every autumn that gives me a little bit of pleasure and excitement.  I think that it is because of my New England blood and background. 

This past week has been the first real cool week of Fall down here in South Carolina and I have felt a lot of enjoyment in it.  I have begun to wear my hoodies and other warm clothing once again.  There are more blankets piled on my bed than there were a month ago, and suddenly having one of my cats jump onto my lap is not quite as much of an annoyance but instead a welcome personal heating unit.

Eliza and I will be leaving this evening on our Honeymoon and we’re going to be heading northward and through mountainous areas (actually the tallest mountains on the east coast) and are expecting to encounter a good bit of chilly weather.  We’ve packed significant amounts of warm clothing in preparation.  But even with the prospect of colder temperatures we’re excited.  A friend of Eliza’s, who lives in Virginia, has told us that the foliage is really coming in up there right now.  And even while autumn always means the departure of warm weather, I usually feel that it is one of the loveliest times of year and will make for good honeymoon quality.

I am a little bummed to have had to turn the heat back on so soon this year, but what can one do.  Here is hoping for a lovely remainder of the Fall season (followed, hopefully, by a short and mild winter).

~ by Nathaniel on October 21, 2011.

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