Calendar Reminders

As I was ripping off pages of my off-the-wall calendar (on Forgotten English words and phrases) this morning I came upon a page that did not denote a day.  Instead it kindly – if not a bit self-serving – reminded me that it is almost time to be getting a new calendar for the next year.  Now honestly, I’d already been thinking about this anyway.  I like off-the-wall calendars, not so much because I use them to remember things (for those reasons I rely on my Google Calendar and an on-the-wall calendar), but more so because I have had them for years and enjoy having something to read everyday (also I like to doodle on the backs of the pages I pulled off).

I find calendars somewhat fascinating and yet something that all to often I take for granted.  Think about it, calendars are tools that tell us when days will fall in the future.  They allow us not only to plan ahead to a specific time, but also map the movement of our planet in regards to days, weeks, months, and years.  the innovation of calendaring is unquestionably a vital part of the function of our civilization, and had not our ancient forebears figured it out, it is reasonable to assume that there would be some major complications.  However, often times I don’t even notices these things.  I can find dates for any day in the past, present, or future using our calendaring mechanics, and yet usually the most I seem to care about is what date a saturday is to know if I am supposed to meet somebody somewhere.

I have already taken the opportunity to purchase an on-the-wall calendar for the upcoming 2012 year.  It is the 2012 version of the wondrous Goats in Trees calendar (the very same that I tragically failed to purchase for this year).  As far as an off-the-wall one, I think I want one about dinosaurs or Star Wars . . . or . . . dinosaurs and Star Wars (I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for this one).  I guess I’ll have to get to the nifty calendar store.

~ by Nathaniel on November 28, 2011.

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