Signs of the Apocalypse: Scientific Doomsdays

Wired has a nice list of some scientifically plausible apocalypses.  When I tend towards apocalyptic thinking it is usually one of these scenerios that comes to mind first and foremost (especially becuase some of them are essentially certainties.  The sun really will eventually expand and heat the Earth up something fierce.  A super volcano is pretty much a sure deal to erupt again someday).  They promote grim realities about existing in an arguably hostile universe.  However, most of them do not cause me a whole lot of stress seeing as their probabilities of occuring within my lifetime are slim to none.  Furthermore, I suspect that there is a kind of cultural vanity to presume that humanity will exist “forever.”  While it is a little uncomfortable to think about the extinction of our species and an Earth without us, the likelihood of this occuring eventually is pretty great.  the vast majority of all the life that has ever lived on Earth has gone extinct over time, and from a purely scientific perspective it is unreasonable to assume that humans would be any exception.  However, our intellect and ingenuity may provide us means of staving off our eventual destruction that is not allotted to other lifeforms.  And as a worse case scenario we may just keep evolving like everything else.

~ by Nathaniel on January 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Signs of the Apocalypse: Scientific Doomsdays”

  1. I am afraid that mankind’s intellect and ingenuity could be the cause of our extinction as well as helping us to survive.

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