A Chinese Take-Out to Call One’s Own

I am just going to admit it, I like Chinese take-out food.  Yes, I recognize that it is exceptionally unhealthy (hence why I probably only get it once every couple of months).  I also realize that it is pretty unlikely that it is utilizing the most quality sustainable and organic ingredients (it might be, I have never seriously checked though). And yes, from a cultural perspective it is probably not very representative of actual Chinese cuisine.  But as an occassional treat I find it wonderful.

Like Pizza places, I suspect that most people who buy and eat take-out Chinese, have one (maybe two) places that they prefer over all others.  This may partially be due to general proximity, but it also might be due to rapport with the owners of the place.  I have now been going to the same Chinese take-out place for the past four years and I love it.  The people recognize me there, they usually know what I like to get, and very often, if I place a large enough order, they will throw in some freebie items like fried donuts or sodas.  I, on my part, try to always treat them with courtesy (which I try to do everywhere I go), ask them how things are, and thank them with generous contributions to their tip jars (a lot of take-out restaurants don’t get much in regards to tips, even though they are arguably not making much more than sitdown restaurants).

It is nice to have a place you can stop into on the occasion and be greeted with recognition and friendly smile and some nice service.  So here is my praise to you No. 1 China Take-Out, you have my patronage as a customer (also, your house fried rice is amazing.  I could eat that stuff all the time).

~ by Nathaniel on January 18, 2012.

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