On Wanting to Play Cribbage

The other day I bought a Cribbage board.  I bought it because recently I got myself to thinking “man, I haven’t played Cribbage in years.  I’d love to play me some Cribbage.”  So buying the board seemed like a logical step in getting to the point of being able to play the game.

Now all I need is somebody to play against.

I am hoping that I might be able to entice Eliza or Rayna to patiently let me teach them to play, and then be willing to play some games against me.  Admittedly I am quite rusty, and so have spent the past couple of days reviewing the rules and scoring.  I’ve been playing a couple of games online to get used to making hands again and I am finally feeling like I am getting back into the swing of how to play.

As far as card games go, I think Cribbage is one of the best.  Card games are great anyways, but something about the mix of skill and luck in Cribbage just strikes me as real appealing.  It isn’t too hard a game to learn (takes a little bit of practice, but once you learn the main scoring methods, you can figure it out pretty easily) but I suspect true mastery takes a lot of time.

So anyways, I am about looking for a Cribbage match if there are any takers in the Greenville area.  Let me know, I am feelin’ ready for it.

~ by Nathaniel on April 9, 2012.

One Response to “On Wanting to Play Cribbage”

  1. Did you play? Tactics, strategy and counting isn’t for everyone, but I LOVE THE GAME! I play online, with people from all over the world. I may even write a post about the brilliant game of CRIBBAGE! Oh, by the way, I am an expert player and ready!! 🙂

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