A Super Mario Summary

I have long enjoyed the Super Mario franchise of video games, ever since my uncle bought himself an NES and let my brother and I play the first game in the late 80s/early 90s.  I cannot claim to have played, much less mastered all of the Mario games, but of those that I have encountered I have enjoyed a lot of near mindless entertainment.  As such, I find that I feel a certain special appreciation for A Super Mario Summary (via Kottke per-usual).

I am not all about the whole “minimalism” movement that seems to be happening to all sorts of stuff (movie posters, songs, etc.) but I think this move works very well with the Mario mechanics.  At its heart Mario is an incredibly simple game – that is part of the appeal – and stripping it down to its bare essence makes for an enjoyable and surprisingly challenging game.

Anyways, for those Mario fans out there give it a shot.  I made it through level three before I got frustrated at not being able to time my jumps just right (I’ll be back at it once my heart rate decreases).

~ by Nathaniel on April 24, 2012.

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