2012 Greenville Urban Farm Tour This Saturday!

This coming Saturday will be the second annual Urban Farm Tour here in our lovely city of Greenville.  It is really great that this event is able to happen for a second time and further establish itself as a fixture or organic and local food production here in the upstate of South Carolina.  The Urban Farm Tour is put on to support the Greenville Organic Food Organization which supports education and awareness about eating organic and local foods.

Eliza’s and my house will be on the tour again this year and we are anticipating a large crowd (last year, we supposedly had the most people visit our site, some 600+ people).  We’ve been working really hard (Eliza definitely more than me) over the last month getting our yard ready for this event.  While we would unquestionably be building up our garden anyways, the Urban Farm Tour has become a really good incentive for us to hunker-down and get work done during the spring.  This year we’ve done some intensive leaf mulching (completely covering our front yard), rebuilding our raised beds (which had been rather devastated by a year of free roaming chickens), and getting some new plants bought and established (citrus, pineapple-guave, elderberries, additional herbs, etc.).  All and all the yard is looking pretty kick-ass and jazzy.

The weather forecast is looking great for Saturday, not too hot, but nice and sunny (basically perfect) so we’re expecting a pretty big crowd throughout the day.  Both Eliza and I love talking up our passions of gardening, organic food, chickens, bees, mushrooms, home food processing (brewing, canning, lacto-fermenting, etc.) and all those other things we do, so while the day may be tiring, we’ll be having a blast promoting things that we love.

If you happen to live in Greenville, or just be around for the weekend, definitely consider coming on the tour.  Tickets are only $8 ($7 for people in groups of five or more) and the money supports a really good local cause.  Also, it is just a lot of fun to see all the impressive stuff being done in the city.  Anyhow, check it out, maybe we’ll see you out there.

~ by Nathaniel on May 9, 2012.

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