Taco History . . . The Best History?

Okay, of all of the great things I could have asked to read about today, I am hard pressed to think of anything more exciting than a general history of tacos.  Well, a Smithsonian interview with Jeffrey M. Pilcher (which I learned about from Mr. Kottke) really hits the spot.  Mr. Pilcher is soon to publish a book called Planet Taco: A Global History of Mexican Food, which sounds fantastic, and was nice enough to give a bit of a preview in this interview focusing on arguably the most iconic of Mexican cuisines offerings.

Look, I love tacos.  I have always loved tacos.  I just made tacos (my sweet potato and black bean variety) earlier this week and will likely make them again soon. 

I really enjoy pretty much all Mexican style cuisine.  Everything from the very authentic right up to the mass marketed and super commercialized Taco Bell (that’s right, I’m not embarrassed to admit I love me some Taco Bell).  But the taco, as a vehicle for delightfulness, is definitely at the top of my list as the ideal (though burritos are a real close second).  Honestly a lot of what we think of as American-Mexican cuisine is just variation on a theme of the same basic food stuff (just served in a different way) but what really makes the taco so ideal and stand out is its handheld quality making is mobile and kinetic.

Personally, I like soft tortillas for my tacos.  I won’t refuse a hard shell taco, but I like the ability to kind of wrap the filling up.  Honestly I’d be happy to eat just about anything (well anything that is reasonably ate that is) in a taco form . . . yes, including ice cream, haven’t you ever had a Choco Taco?  So flippin’ awesome! (In high school the Choco Taco was my frozen dessert of choice, fyi).

So yeah, taco knowledge and history has just about made my day.  Pretty much the only thing that could make it better now, besides getting to eat some more tacos today, would be if, when I left work, I discovered that pterodactyls had returned and the government was handing them out as licenced aerial steeds . . . I mean seriously, how could anything up that?

~ by Nathaniel on May 18, 2012.

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