Mushroom Foraging in May 2012

This past Memorial Day weekend I was happy to get to spend a good bit of time outside hiking and looking at cool nature things.  Part of “cool nature things” looking included finding a wide variety of mushrooms.  We’ve had some pretty good rain over the past several weeks and so the mushrooms were out all over the place.

This was really exciting for me.  Part of my excitement stems from the fact that I feel like I did not do all the much mushroom searching last year (not for lack of wanting, but more due to having a wedding to plan) and so it feels good to be out and hunting again.  While I am far away from a mushroom expert (I’ll leave that to my pal Tradd), I do find the act of looking for fungi and trying to identify them a very enjoyable experience.  In addition, the camera my in-laws got me this christmas has added the additionally fun element of photo documenting finds (I have been taking pictures of mushrooms since I started hunting for them, but have a nicer camera that is easier to use/carry, has made taking picture much mor enjoyable).

Part of me feels like mushroom hunting is a kind of contemplative experience.  It is not something that can be done quickly (well it could be I guess, but I doubt you’d have much success if that was your approach).  A lot of the process is just walking about in the woods, slowly and quietly, and often alone (even if you are out there with other people).  A hike that may only take 45 minutes at a normal walking pace can take several hours when one becomes focused on finding mushrooms.  Then there are the moments of real pleasure in having found a beautiful fungal bloom, of contemplating its type, and, if lucky, finding something that is very unique or possibly a future addition to a delicious meal (though, as always, I must disclaim careful, careful IDing if you are somebody interested in eating wild mushrooms).

Anyway, here are just a few pictures of some of my finds from this past weekend.


Always an exciting and favorite find, chanterelles are not just beautiful mushrooms, but they are incredibly delicious too.


While difficult to ID an exact species (because so many of them look very similar) russulas can be beautiful and colorful mushrooms, even when it is obvious some wildlife has been munching on them.

Old man of the woods

Painted suillus

corregated bolete

Not porcini

Gilled bolete


Anyhow, a good time this past weekend. I am definitely looking forward to getting out and looking for mushrooms more this summer.  I am also looking forward to my trip up to Vermont and maybe getting to see what can be found in the woods up there too.

~ by Nathaniel on May 31, 2012.

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