Signs of the Apocalypse: Cat recognize Computer Neural Network

If somebody was to ask me what I sure way of making machines far more creepy, I’d rank a massive network of computers functioning like a neural network, pretty hight up there.  And guess what?  That is like exactly what Google’s X Labs folks did.

On the plus side, all this network currently seems to be able to do is identify cats, which seems pretty benign I guess.  On the negative side?  There is a fucking thinking-machine network that can identify cats!  What next?  Livers?  For efficient extraction in the effort of human eradication?

Honestly this reminds me a bit of thinking computer network in Orson Scott Card’s sequels to Ender’s Game.  That, or just a ghost in the machines.  Anyway, it is creepy-roboty-doom-stuff.

~ by Nathaniel on June 26, 2012.

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