On Visiting Vermont (Summer 2012)

This past week the family and I took a trip northward to my homeland of Vermont.  This was particularly exciting because it was the first time that either Eliza or Rayna had been to Vermont.  Additionally, it had been a long while since I had last been up north, the last time having been in Vermont being in December 2009. As one more point of excitement, this was the first time I have ever made the trip up to Vermont by driving.

While I have now lived in South Carolina for over five years, and now have a family here, I will always think of Vermont as my home.  I spent the vast majority of my formative years in the Green Mountain State, and there is just a ton about it that I love.  Getting to go and spend a week there with my wife and step-daughter was great fun, because it meant that I got to show them many things that were part of my earlier life.

The week was crazy busy, with time spent in the mountains (Mount Mansfield), on the lake (Lake Champlain), in Burlington, at the Shelburne Museum, and all sorts of other places.  Eliza and I even caught a Billy Bragg show at the Higher Ground one evening.  We took hundreds of photos, ate a ton of good food, and drank some really delicious beer.  All around we were swamped.

Hard to say when we’ll make it northward again, as so much of these kind of trips depend on vacation time and personal finances.  However, we do look forward to going back again, and hopefully not in the too distant future, though our next trip we’d like to try to take it a little bit easier (Monday morning was real rough for me, having only been home for about 15 hours or so).

Anyways, a great trip.  Many many thinks to my parents, brother, grandmother, and friends who all helped make it enjoyable.  Many additional thanks to Eliza and Rayna for sharing such a fun time with me.

~ by Nathaniel on July 11, 2012.

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