Great Blogs to Read: Alex Wild’s “MYRMECOS”

So, in case you didn’t know, not only am I a blogger myself, but I enjoy reading a wide variety of blogs out there on the interwebs.  Some of these I enjoy exceptionally more than others and will often repost content from them here (see Kottke as the classic example).  Some I follow only out of habit and rarely pay too much mind to.  Then there are those that just stand out as unique and wonderful in their own right.

That leads me to want to sing some praise to Alex Wild and his fantastic blog MYRMECOS.  MYRMECOS is perhaps the best example I can think of a person having an extremely esoteric fascination (in Mr. Wild’s case that fascination being insects in general and ants in specific), and just raving about it completely unapologetically.  It is a lovely blog, not the least of which because of Mr. Wild’s amazing photography (seriously, you’ve never seen pictures of ants this good), but also just because it is filled with knowledge and complete devotion to a field of study.  Seriously, if you have even a remote interest in insects or ants, MYRMECOS is a must visit blog.

So kudos to you Mr. Wild, I sure dig your blogging.

~ by Nathaniel on August 20, 2012.

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