RIP Mrs. Poultrius BokBok

Well this sucks.  Today the first of our flock of chickens died.  My chicken, Mrs. Poultrius BokBok, passed away this morning.

We are not entirely certain what happened.  I had noticed last night that she was not breathing well and unable to make normal boking sounds.  There wasn’t a lot I could do last night so I planned on looking in on her today and doing some reading on chicken health to try and find a solution.  I checked her first thing this morning and noticed she looked a little injured and still seemed to be having trouble breathing.  After taking the dog for a walk I came inside and began to do some research.  I found a few things to check and then went out side to look at Mrs. BokBok.

Unfortunately she had already died at this point.

She’d found a spot in the lower part of the coop to dig herself a hole and had lain down and died.

The main solace I have is in that she didn’t suffer too long.  Part of me wants to say that it is silly to be so broken up over loosing a chicken.  Part of me knows that this is a reality of keeping farm animals like chickens.  they get sick and injured and they do die.  However, Mrs. BokBok was the first of our six chickens that we named.  Furthermore, she as just a good chicken, and compared to the others she was very quiet and pretty peaceful. She layed lovely eggs.  It is sad and we’ll miss her.

Owning animals can bring a lot of pleasure, but it is also a guaranteed way in which to have to face mortality.  Few pets or animals will outlive there owners (except for like tortoises) and so inevitable you will have to deal with the death of them.  I think that most farmers tend to take a more stoic and pragmatic approach to this, especially in that some of their animals are intended for food purpose.  For the rest of us however, it can be a tough thing to deal with when it happens.  It leaves us feeling sad and like we may have let the animal down.  We have to remind ourselves that if we were good owners, and took good care of them, then they had a good life.

I like to think that Mrs. BokBok had a good life.  It was short, but she seemed happy as much as a chicken could be happy.  We’ll miss her for sure, but we’ll try and remember her fondly.  RIP Mrs. Poultrius BokBok, you were a sweet bird.

Mrs. Poultrius BokBok

RIP Mrs. Poultrius BokBok, you were a good chicken.


~ by Nathaniel on August 26, 2012.

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