Enjoying Some Vacation Time

One of the things that I have come to realize in my adulthood, is just how much I took vacation for granted during my childhood.  Having whole summers off was just a standard thing for life back then.  Add to that the fact that both my parents worked for schools and as such often had the same vacation times as me and my brother, and I really was kind of spoiled by the whole deal.

So imagine my surprise, after graduating from college, to suddenly learn that vacation doesn’t work like that for most people (unless you also happen to work for schools).  I’ve adapted in the five years of my post school experience, but I still often find myself missing the grand leisure of longer and more frequent vacations.

Anyway, where this is going is that I have taken this whole week off (I’d get Thursday and Friday anyway, but I am just taking it all).  I needed it.  The last vacation I actually took was back at the end of June into the beginning of July when we all drove up to Vermont to see my family, and while that was a great time, it was traveling and very busy and so kind of exhausting in its own way.  So right now, I am trying to just take it easy and not actually go anywhere and not actually do anything (though we have done some major groceries which is kind of work-like in some ways).

I have needed it and am glad to take it.  Hopefully I will feel a bit more revitalized for the rest of the year.  I know I’ve got another week of for Christmas too, so that will be nice.  For now though, going to enjoy getting to sleep in a little later and not have to worry too much about work related things.  Oh, and it is only two days to Magic Awesome Eat All the Things Day, which is pretty flippin’ sweet too.


~ by Nathaniel on November 20, 2012.

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