That Brief Time in Which I Owned an iPhone

So, I don’t have an iPhone or any smartphone for that matter, mostly because I am cheap and I don’t want to pay the extra cost that comes along with such devices.  However, for the briefest of times, I did have in my possession an iPhone from yesterday morning until this morning.  Here is how.

Eliza and I decided we had to go and exercise Ceres real well before going to have Thanksgiving dinner with her relatives.  So, we got up early on Thursday morning and took Ceres to the dog park at the Pavilion here in Greenville.  Unfortunately, there were no other dogs at that point in the morning and so we ended up taking her for a long walk around the Pavilion grounds.  Along the way, on our second loop around, I happened to kick something in the dew covered grass.  Upon kneeling down I happened upon an iPhone.  Besides being a bit wet from laying in the grass and out of battery it didn’t look too worse for wear.  So I picked it up.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider just keeping it.  But, I’d also be lying if I said I never once considered returning it to the owner.  After my moment of thinking, “Cool, free iPhone” I had a “Well, let’s see how I can get this back to the owner” thought.  Knowing that my step-daughter has an iPhone (yeah, she has cooler devices than I do) I thought that maybe I’d be able to charge this phone with her charger.  I brought it home an did that getting is back to working condition.

I didn’t get to do too much research on it yesterday, because of the whole Thanksgiving thing.  So this morning I decided to try and send a text to one of the contacts in the phone seeing if I could get an address to return it to.  Just as I was writing the text I got a call on the phone from a friend of the owner who was helping to look for the phone.  Talking to her I learned that the phone had been dropped in the field while playing a pick-up game of football. I arranged with the friend to meet and drop off the phone at the Pavilion this morning.

So there I went and gave the phone back and thus ended my brief possession of an iPhone.  While I kind of would have loved such a toy for myself, I really knew that, in the same situation, I would hope somebody would do the same for me (though, with devices like an iPhone I suppose it might be unlikely).  And honestly, it feels good to help somebody out, because I know how much it sucks to loose something valuable like a primary means of communication with the world.

Anyways, there is my random vacation week story and good deed for the day.

Maybe someday I’ll actually get around to getting myself my own iPhone.


~ by Nathaniel on November 23, 2012.

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