Contemplation: Success Saturation?

Okay, simply because I like the concept of “success saturation” that I proposed in this previous blog post, I have to write some more trying to expand upon and explain the idea further.

Imagine that our lives are like glasses of water and every time we have a little bit of success it is like adding a little bit of sugar to the glass thus making the overall water a little sweeter (or you can imagine it as adding a little bit of KoolAid if you happen to not be a hummingbird and thus not all that into sugar-water.  I, however, used to make myself refreshing glasses of sugar-water when I was a kid, so I will stick with this analogy).  Over time, if you experience enough success you will, in essence, saturate the water with it, and thus will have this excess that will not dissolve into the liquid but falls out (what is awesome about this post is that you too can play the at-home-game.  Go get a cup of water and some sugar kids and have a blast!  Don’t tell your parents it was my idea). Now, in contrast I would say that for every failure (opposite of success) a bit more plain water is added to your life, thus diluting the sweetness back down.  As such, for the vast majority of us, we are kind of living in a mix of adding a bit of sweetness and having a bit of dilution.

However, I would suggest that some people, like say Mr. Tom Hanks perhaps, have had such overall success in their lives that they reach these saturation points and thus have an excess of success (that sugar that won’t dissolve) and with it, that excess awesomeness, they are free to pursue kind of their own interests and actions as they will.  Even if those pursuits result in some failures (dilutions) if their saturation is enough, and paired with more success,  then it won’t really matter. 

Now of course, there is no guarantee of permanency to the gain of any sweet success.  I would suggest certain successes warrant more sweetness in the glass (say, winning that giant PowerBall lottery, or getting multiple Oscars).  Likewise, certain failures warrant more dilution, and in some occasions, the adding of bittering elements (going bankrupt, being a giant dick like Hitler).  So it is a constant balancing act, and even somebody who has had really high success, can fall hard if their actions and failures cause extreme dilution (We can call this a Mel Gibson dilution failure if we want).  Overall though people who are smart and careful can probably control and bank on their level of success sweetening and, if they are lucky, maintain a saturation level should they get there.

Anyways, there is my success saturation theory in a nut shell.  While I think that this theory could apply to anybody, I think it could be particularly useful when regarding celebrities, specifically because of their public status.  Interestingly, right before reading the BuzzFeed piece on Tom Hanks (in my previous post linked above), I’d read another BuzzFeed piece on the mess that is Lindsay Lohan.  I’d say Ms. Lohan has had some serious diluting of her glass of water (Gibson levels perhaps?).

Okay, now really have a good weekend.

~ by Nathaniel on November 30, 2012.

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