When Technology Betrays You (or, At Least, it Feels Like it Does)

So, I’ve had a pretty shitty time with technology so far this week.  First, my phone, a pretty dated model flip phone, decided that its sudden and absolute death was the only way it could go out with any dignity, just up and gave up forever yesterday morning.  Okay, fine, that is shitty an all, but I was pretty long over due for a new phone, not just technologically wise, but also contractually (more on this in a moment).  Then, today, this morning, my computer, likewise, decided that it was pretty done with things, and, while it can still turn on, I have repeated problems logging in, and, half the keyboard works only sporatically at best.  Shitty shitty shitty.

All this is pretty annoying on its own, but together it is just a real pain in the ass.  Add to that some issues with some programs at work and I feel like a luddite lifestyle has been looking real good lately.  All and all, I think the real annoyance is just how the failure of this technology highlights how dependent we are on our technological appendages to stay connected and involved in our modern world.  And when, inevitably, these dvices do fail, it is just a moment that points out how helpless we feel without them (had a similar experience lately with my car’s GPS acting all up, and while I can likely fix it, not having it has felt debilitating).

Fortuantely technology is replaceable (if somewhat costly to do so).  As my contract was due to get a new phone anyways, I have done so, and upgraded to smart phone status finally (after some anxiety about the extra costs) and so I’ll now have an iPhone, which is currently on order (I chose the iPhone mostly becuase I am quite familiar with iOS becuase I have used it at work and because my Step-daughter has one.  Also, becuase the upgrade was free).  So, I think it will be kind of fun tohave this device.  Also, while my GPS is still not working, the phone can serve that purpose as well.

But in time, this phone will break too, and I’ll hae to get something else.  A rule of our technolgy, that we can all be certain of, is that eventually it’ll crap out on us.  So it goes I guess, but it is sure kind of annoying when it does so all a sudden and unexpected like.

~ by Nathaniel on December 18, 2012.

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