Yay Vacation Time Again!

Starting with tomorrow I will be off work for ten days, which is awesome.  Yay vacation!  Not that I am actually planning on doing a whole heck of a lot (besides the Christmas thing with Eliza’s family).  Though, admittedly, seeing as how I just had over a week of vacation for Thanksgiving, I’m actually riding on a wave of vacation saturation right now.  So, hopefully, I’ll be in ship-shape for 2013 (ugh, what an ugly year number, almost as bad as 2009, just sayin’).

Well, all that, unless the world really does go all Mayapocalype-doom-time-armageddon tomorrow (not that I’m placing bets on it, in fact planning to write a blog post about it sometime during the day).

Anyhow, that is all.


~ by Nathaniel on December 20, 2012.

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