Smartphone: Some Thoughts on the First Month of Ownership

Back in December, my 3.5 year old flip phone decided that the only way to leave this world with any degree of dignity required it to just promptly die, and never work again.  It did so and necessitated my need to get a new phone.  Having wanted a smartphone for several years, and being offered an iPhone for free from my provider, the time had come for me to upgrade in overall phone technology.  While the monthly bill would go up a bit too, I felt like it would be worth it for the added benefit of a device of such intellect.  Indeed it has been.

I knew, prior to getting the iPhone, that I would enjoy the added benefits of the smarter device.  All and all I have not been disappointed.  Because, you see, a smartphone is really not all that much a phone anymore.  Sure it has a phone feature, but it is, in all reality, a handheld computer, and a device for interacting with the world in more ways.  While I have not super loaded my phone with tons of apps, those that I have added have provided me additional benefits, whether it be something as simple as reading The New York Times while waiting for my Chinese take-out order, or creating a digital grocery list when going to the store.  The smartphone has provided me with tools to both simplify and use my time better.

Sure it has the potential to be distracting, if I am not paying attention and end up just browsing about on it.  But overall I have just found it to be pleasantly useful.  And now that I am initiated into the owners of smartphones I have no intentions to ever devolve to a lesser device (because why would you?  that would be absurd).  All and all I am pleased with how things have worked out.

Anyways, just sharing some thoughts.  How are you all this week?

~ by Nathaniel on January 16, 2013.

One Response to “Smartphone: Some Thoughts on the First Month of Ownership”

  1. While it took forever to finally get a smart phone, I love mine. But I miss being able to stick my old small flip phone in my pocket.

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