It has come to pass . . .

A long long time ago, in decades far far away, a rift in science fiction fandom occurred.  The noble and well loved reign of Star Trek was usurped by an edgy fast-paced and action-packed kid named Star Wars.  The fandom was divided.  The stars (literally) no longer aligned, and for the decades that followed, ones nerdery was, in part, a measure of which canon he or she adhered to.

Many thought that this would be the way for all time. Animosity, distrust, divide.  Was it better to have a universe with a single Data or one with a multitude of various R2 units?  Was the Force actually any match for the cool logic and mind-meldability of the stoic Vulcans (also, would a Vulcan make like the best Jedi ever?).  These were the questions that troubled the nerdisphere.

Overtime the fighting settled out into something like a cold war of idea.  Star Wars suffered its major setback with its prequels and its continual aim to please sub-pubescence and Star Trek descended into irrelevance with the startlingly lame Star Trek: Enterprise.  A time of darkness had descended.

However, it had been foretold, in prophecies of old (like 1983 or there-bouts) of the coming of a savior . . . one who would transcend the divide, and united the legions of nerdom under one banner. Many doubted the vitality, they said it was idle thinking, foolishness.  No Vader and Kahn could ever co-conspire for galactic conquest.  Kirk would glady bitch-slap the whine fest of Luke, and Picard wouldn’t hesitate to deal with Anakin with a quick adjustment of phasers from stun to kill (however, its noted that Yoda would tear the shit up in any Enterprise).  Still, the faithful to the prophecy kept their hope, knowing that that day would come.

Then, in 2009, one franchise was rebooted, by a bold and innovative fellow named Abrams, no new face to the world of science fiction.  Furthermore, it was done well, and enjoyed greatly.  Could the time be coming?  And alas, here, four years on, the news the new Star Wars were on the horizon was a sign in the right direction, and then, it is confirmed . . . J.J. Abrams will head the effort.  The savior has come!

Needless to say (I hope), I think this is awesome. (also, seriously, Picard would not have tolerated Anakin’s obnoxiousness one bit, he dealt with a Wesley Crusher for three and a half seasons, he’d take care of ol’ Darth Emo in no time).

~ by Nathaniel on January 28, 2013.

One Response to “It has come to pass . . .”

  1. I feel obliged to point out, that I traditionally count myself as a Star Wars fan over a Star Trek fan. However, over the past several years, specifically since Abrams’ reboot of the latter, I have gotten more and more into the universe of Kirk and Picard, and am currently like 3/5 through watching all of TNG which is, usually 90s campy awesome, but occasionally, just really really good.

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