Starting to Feel Like Spring

Here in Greenville, SC the weathers been warming up.  With daylight savings time starting again yesterday it has begun to stay light later in the evening which provides more time to do things like yard work after getting done work-work for the day.  Eliza and I are getting excited about working and developing our yard and gardens more this year.

On Saturday we spent the day up in Asheville at this year’s Organic Growers School, getting all hyped up and excited about growing things.  Then yesterday we did some needed shopping for some supplies (new work boots were a major plus for me, as my pair of good outdoor shoes were quite literally falling apart).  We also bought some transplants to get a few things going while we wait for our seeds to take off.  Finally, late yesterday afternoon into early evening, Eliza and I put together this year’s straw bale cold-frame, so that we’ll have a place to keep our seedling warm and protected.

All around, it is really feeling like spring time.  I am sure we’ll still have a few more cold snaps but, all and all, we are in growing and gardening season again.  And that is a great thing.

Also, morels, soon (more on that when they’re found).

~ by Nathaniel on March 11, 2013.

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