I’m Writing for Appalachian Feet Now

Hey all, I’ve started writing blog posts on occasion over at Eliza’s blog Appalachian Feet.  Appalachian Feet is an organic gardening/sustainability/environmentalism “how to . . .” based blog. Eliza has spent a lot of time writing on a wide variety of topics over there.  She employs a lot of research and insight in to everything from growing vegetables to making good compost and protecting against pest insects.  She asked me if I’d like to be a contributor because I do a lot of the same stuff, and have my own insights on these kind of topics, so, if you drop in over there you should see me blogging some.  It’ll be real fun.

So what does this mean for General Lordisimo?  Shouldn’t mean anything, I still intend to blog here as regularly as I can.  Appalachian Feet has an overall different topic base than the “whatever the fuck comes to mind” posting that I do here.  I will keep writing that kind of stuff here, but for the more environmental and gardening based blogging, I will probably be writing more on Appalachian Feet.  So, I’ll still be around, but I’ll also be doing some stuff elsewhere too.

Anyway, check out Appalachian Feet.  There is a massive archive of all sorts of good stuff that I think you will enjoy, or at least find interesting.


~ by Nathaniel on March 13, 2013.

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