Farewell Google Reader

So, if you’ve been paying attention to any of the buzz on the net today, especially said buzz that deals with tech stuff, then by now you’ve likely heard that Google Reader, Google’s RSS service, will be getting the ax in July.  This has a lot of people up in arms, and while I am not personally readying my pitchfork and torch, I include myself among the disappointed.

I’ve been using Reader for about six or so years now.  As a major consumer of media, especially news and web comics, Reader has simply provided a logical and easy to use means of directing all the web content I’m interested in to one central location for me to browse at my leisure.  Certainly there are other tools available that can accomplish much the same end, but, having already been a Gmail user, as well as using Google Calendar and Docs, Reader was just a common sense tool to put to use.

Now I know that RSS has never enjoyed much love, even considering its relatively ubiquitous availability.  Furthermore, as a free tool, Reader does not seem like it is likely pulling in a whole lot of revenue for its parent company, and so for them to keep at it, doesn’t make much sense from a business perspective.   Still, I, and others, will miss it when it is gone.  It has become an intricate part of my media engage life-style.

Oh well, so goes it.  Hopefully Gmail won’t get nixed anytime too soon.


~ by Nathaniel on March 14, 2013.

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