March 2013 Kimchi

This past Saturday morning I made my second batch of kimchi, which is currently in fermentation stage and should be ready for the eating either today or tomorrow.  Last year’s kimchi came out really well, so I was very excited to make it again this year.  Overall I kept it similar.  the major change being that I used napa cabbage instead of bok choi (both are actually the same species of plants, just two different varieties.  Napa is the more traditionally used for kimchi) and red radishes instead of daikon (which is less traditional, but they were available).  Kimchi is real great; salty, spicy, gingery, with a kind of fermented vegetal quality underlying it all.


I use an old olive jar for my kimchi. It is the perfect size for the amount of kimchi I want to make for us.


A second jar partially filled with water keeps the vegetables submerged in the brine, so that they can ferment successfully. i cover the entire thing with a towel to keep dust out, and let it sit for two or three days until it reaches desired flavor.


~ by Nathaniel on March 18, 2013.

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