Why We Laugh

via The Oatmeal and the late, great, Mr. Vonnegut’s wit and wisdom.

I am sure that some anthropologists and linguists have written some wonderful dissertations on the causes and reasons for laughter.  Personally, I think, that much of the time, it is really just because laughing is better than the alternative.

Look, life sucks sometimes, and even the most optimistic of us are going to encounter less than happy circumstances on occasions.  Our ability to laugh, despite it all, is just a little bit of relief.  I’ve been trying more and more, to choose laughter over anger, sadness, frustration, fear, whatever else have you.  Not perfect at it, probably never will be, but I think every year I get a little better at it.

Try laughing sometime, I think you’ll like it.

Have a good weekend.


~ by Nathaniel on March 29, 2013.

One Response to “Why We Laugh”

  1. A quote I feel is relevant to this: “A laugh can be a very powerful thing, why, sometimes in life it’s the only weapon we have”

    Who knew a cartoon rabbit could be so wise? :p

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