Movie Producers Take Note

Awesome and dazzling visual effects alone don’t make a great movie.  This io9 post get’s straight to the point about that (whether you agree with everything on the list is a matter of subjective opinion of course, but there are definitely a few that I think are spot on).

We live in an amazing time for film and television.  With current film technology and special effects we can produce visual experiences that even a few decades ago would have been unimaginable.  And while it might be enjoyable to see real stunning and beautiful visuals, it is important to remember that movies are not about looks alone, they are also supposed to be narratives.

All too often I think that big movie producers forget about the story content when making their films, and instead invest all their time and energy on making something pretty.  Sure, it might catch some people here and there, but overall, if the characters are weak and unlikable  the plot thin and unbelievable, the the whole story just a mangled mess, people are going to be turned off.

Fortunately we live not just in a time in place where there are great visual effects, but also one in which there are some real successful story tellers (some of whom, have had their works made into movies). So, maybe once and awhile, court the narrative a bit more, even if it means cutting back on an explosion or two, or some other awesome visual effect.  Personally, I’ll take a good story over a pretty scene almost every time.

~ by Nathaniel on April 3, 2013.

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