In Which Plants Try to Destroy Me (aka Allergy Season)

I think I have been susceptible to seasonal allergies for years, and even remember having a prescription for antihistamines in high school, but, not to my memory, have I ever been slammed this bad by allergies before.  For the past week or so, I have suffered extensively at that hands of pollen.  Why plants, why?  Why now, right when I am wanting to get a lot of work done in the yard?

Fortunately I live in an age of miracles and so I am able to take a  number of different antihistamines (most of them over the counter) that work relatively well to combat the most negative effects of this allergy season.  Furthermore, while it has sucked recently, I know that I don’t suffer nearly as badly as some people do during this time of year, and so I’ll try not to complain too much.  And of course there is the simple fact that the upstate South Carolina area, including Greenville, is often regarded as one of the worst places for allergies in the country.  My doctor informed me the other day that while across the country about 20% of adults suffer seasonal allergies, in Greenville county, the numbers are closer to 80%.  Damn, that’s rough.

So yeah, a fink “fuck you plants!”  Kind in that, I love all you provide, except when what you provide is sneezing and itchy eyes and heavy coughing and feeling overall miserable.  When you provide that I hate you.

That’s all.

~ by Nathaniel on April 4, 2013.

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