Signs of the Apocalypse: Our Shape-Shifting Reptilian Overlords

People believe a lot of strange things.  Likely, each and every one of us has a few things here or there that we believe regardless of how odd it might be in the context of society as a whole.  That being said, Public Policy Polling’s “Conspiracy Theory Poll Results” highlights some, arguably, very weird things the people choose to believe.  Personally I think a lot of these just seem silly, where as others might deserve more rigorous debate, and yet others still, could have been worded better (for example “Do you believe aliens exist or not?”  Do you mean, do I believe in the  probability that life exists elsewhere in the the universe? Yes, I do.  Do I believe extraterrestrial creatures are here on Earth or have visited us in the past?  No, not really).

Of it all though, one question stands out to me above the others. Question # 13: “Do you believe that shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies, or not?”

Wow, yup, that is what they asked.  But what really surprises me, is that according to the poll, 4% of respondents said “Yep, I totally believe that.”  4%!  Okay, now knowing a bit about statistics and polling, obviously this number could be tampered with a bit, and may not well represent a larger population, but it is still kind of shocking.

But what gets me even more is the 7% who responded with “Not sure” to Q13.  You’re not sure?  Really, you can’t feel pretty certain one way or anther whether there are nefarious shape-shifting lizard people trying to rule the world?  Can’t really make your mind up on that one?

Look, I adhere to kind of an agnostic world-view of certainty about a lot of things, in that I’ll admit there are just some things that I think I am incapable of knowing for sure one way or another, but evil world dominating lizard people are not one of them.  I am like 99.999999999% positive that there are no lizard people, who can change shape, and have been amassing world power.  Why?  Because that is some seriously nutty jazz to be thinking.

Okay, regardless of the above, no serious insult meant to anybody who believes in our reptilian overlords.  So moving forward, here’s what I’d like to ask, in all seriousness.  Those of you who believe in these magical shape-changing lizard beings, will you please explain to me more about them (physical descriptions, overall society, evolutionary back ground, how shape-shifting works, etc.) and also how you came to the revelation of their existence?  I’d really appreciate it because admittedly, I am kind of at a loss at present.

Thanks, that’s all.

~ by Nathaniel on April 4, 2013.

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