Contemplation: Why I Am . . .

I haven’t written a lot of “contemplation” pieces here recently, but I am looking to get back to it. I like the contemplation posts, but they tend to be some of the hardest things to write for this blog.  There are a number of reasons for this.  First of all, as the titles suggest, they require that I apply a bit more thinking and consideration into what I am writing.  Often times they end up being significantly longer pieces of writing because to fully examine the ideas I am thinking about requires more time and content.  Furthermore, there is the constant personally challenge of being satisfied with the end result, and feeling like I have properly and thoroughly articulated all the points that I was wanting to make.  All these things make “contemplation” posts time consuming and challenging, but also pretty good (in my opinion) in the end results.

One of the other challenges presented by these kind of posts is just coming up with something to write about in the first place (admittedly that is kind of a challenge of blogging in general).  As such, I am looking to do a series of “contemplation” posts that start with “Why I am . . .” and then whatever it is that I am willing to talk about at that time.  I hope to achieve a few things in this end.  One, it will let me write more “contemplation” pieces.  Two, it will challenge me to do some introspection, and if there is one thing that presents a real challenge to us humans, I think introspection is one of the biggest.

Will these posts be interesting to anybody else?  Well, I’d hope that if you are taking the time to read them that they are at least marginally interesting.  Maybe if you’re curious about my personal life, which I assure you is not all that exciting really, you’ll get to see bit more of who I am.  Further, I will try and breach a few subjects I often tend to leave aside in this blog.  Things like politics and religion and what not (because I feel like they play an important role in how we think about ourselves).

I’ve already got a running mental lists of the “Why I am . . .” posts I’d like to try and write and I suspect I will come up with more as I go along.  So we’ll see how they come out won’t we.

Until then.

~ by Nathaniel on April 10, 2013.

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