A Busy Weekend . . . in a Long Line of Busy Weekends

Since the end of February I have not had, what I would call, a single “free weekend.”  What I mean by a “free weekend” is a weekend (consisting of a Saturday and Sunday, as weekends generally do) without anything in particular planned or scheduled to do.  Obviously a free weekend doesn’t necessarily denote not doing anything whatsoever, but more so, for me, they mean the weekends where I have a lot of flexibility in how I spend my time (so if I want to lie about and veg for two days, that is cool.  More often I tend to do yard/house work). But, again, since the end of February, they haven’t existed, meaning that every weekend up to this past one, I have had things on my calendar to do.

Mind you, this isn’t a bad thing, I’d rather have things to keep me busy and entertained than the alternative (though some general relaxation days are nice too).

This past weekend, proved t be just another busy weekend in a long line of such busy weekends.

On Saturday was the first annual Community Tap Beer Festival.  This was a great bit of fun.  I have, over the past several years, had the opportunity to enjoy a number of beer festivals throughout the region.  But this past Saturday’s event was the first beer festival I got to attend in the city of my residence.  Furthermore, it was the first beer festival that was proximate enough to my house, that it only took ten minutes to walk there (thus eliminating any need for driven transportation). Besides the regional benefits, is was an all around good beer festival in general.  I particularly liked that The Community Tap maintained an attendance cap (of 400 people) on the event, which made it so that things didn’t feel over crowded and also that you didn’t have to wait but a moment at each breweries booth to get a sample.  I am already looking forward to next year’s event.

Yesterday (that day being Sunday) was spent, in the entirety, out in the woods foraging for morels.  The group of us (seven in total) had some great success finding a large collection of blond and tulip morels throughout a few spots.  In addition we foraged a few other wild finds like wild onions and smilax shoots.  These efforts will pay out in dividend tonight, when a local chef from The Trappe Door (who was one of the members of our foraging expedition yesterday)  will prepare us a meal with our findings (as well as some of our eggs from our chickens).  I’ll probably write another post about that tomorrow.

So, good and productive weekend time (though I kind of wish I could have gotten some more garden work done).  Now I am ready for a bit of a break, and as far as I can currently tell, on this Monday morning, next weekend will probably be a free one.

That is all.  Hope folks have a good week.

~ by Nathaniel on April 15, 2013.

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