On Working in the Rain

When I was growing up in Vermont I did not often fully appreciate rain.  I suspect, in hindsight, that the reason for this is two fold.  1) it rains a ton in Vermont and 2) it is often quite cold in addition to being rainy.  Thus, rain was kind of tiring and not all that enjoyable.  In addition, while I was aware that rain is a necessary part of a stable weather system, keeping vegetation healthy and fresh, I do not think I really came to appreciate that fully until I was working as a gardener.

All that being said, since living in South Carolina, and even more so since regularly gardening, I tend to look forward to a good rain. About the only time that I feel a little annoyed with the wet weather is when I have yard work I want to accomplish and the rain prevents me from doing so (this is especially irritating on the weekends which are my primary source of free time throughout the week).

With a lot of wet weather this weekend, and needing to get some things done, Eliza and I made the decision of spending a few hours working in the rain on Saturday.

Overall I didn’t mind this wet work all that much, but Eliza keenly pointed out that that was primarily because I was doing physical labor which made it so I didn’t notice the cold of being wet that much (Eliza on the other hand was doing a lot less physically active tasks and thus ended up feeling much more of the chill.  Having worked in the heavy rain many times before, when I used to work at the greenhouse/plant nursery in VT, I am always amazed at just how quickly a steady rain can soak everything you are wearing.  It doesn’t even need to be raining all that hard for this to happen.  Literally, with ten to fifteen minutes being outside in precipitation you’ll be soaked.

The challenge with working in the rain is doing the right task.  Some things are not advisable in wet weather because they are either made more dangerous (pretty much anything that can become increasingly slippery or any electrical work) or they can cause averse effects to the project as a whole (digging earth can be an example of this).  For my part I finished moving the remains of a mulch pile we had, using the chipped wood to fill in the swale paths we had dug earlier in the week. In the end I finished off the pile and got a good chunk of the paths filled in, making a corner of our front yard look more like what our desired end result will be.

While the experience of doing yard work in the rain wasn’t the worst from my perspective I am not planning on doing it again anytime too soon, just because getting so wet isn’t really all that enjoyable.  But, the next week or so looks to have the potential to remain pretty wet and we’re supposed to get another big load of mulch sometime this week.  So it might be unavoidable.  Oh well.

I hope folks have a good week.  Stay dry (if you can).

~ by Nathaniel on April 29, 2013.

One Response to “On Working in the Rain”

  1. Weeding is much easier in the rain, but after a point it feels as though you’re completely numb and will never again know what warmth is or how your fingers are suppose to properly move.

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