Book Pairing

Here is an idea that just popped into my head.  It goes something like this: Just as you might pair a wine with certain types of foods, could you also, actively and consciously, choose to pair books, such that you are reading two (or more) books at the same relative time (not, like, with one in each hand, but more reading a bit of both daily or so), so as to create a general sense of pairing, so that the themes and subjects of one match-up and accentuate the themes and subjects of the other(s)?  I say you can!

When I read I find myself thinking a lot about the things going on in the book (and I am going to assume this is the case for most people, because if not, well I don’t really know, hope you’re having fun I guess). I believe I do this equally between fiction and non-fiction.  Additional, I often am reading more than one book at once.    I’ll often have a book that I leave at work to read during lunch and another at home to read at night or during other free time (sometimes I’ll also have a third, like right now where I have two at work; one for while I am eating lunch, one after I am done eating lunch but still on lunch break). When I am reading multiple books I often find how the ideas in one enhance or contrast the ideas in other in fascinating and exciting ways.  This is the essence I think of what “Book Pairing” would be.

The challenge then, would be to propose good book pairings.  I feel that, as a rule, the books cannot be about the same thing (like say, two Jane Austen novels, or two books about the history of Mexico) because essentially that is like trying to pair baked potatoes with mashed potatoes, regardless of how good the potatoes are in both cases, they’re still both potatoes.  No, they have to, at least at face value, be about different things.  Even better, would be if one were fiction and the other a non-fiction.  I am going to work on some proposals of pairings and maybe I’ll come back and post some in the future.  In the meantime, I’d love to hear some other folks proposals for good book pairings.


~ by Nathaniel on May 8, 2013.

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