29 and 6

Well, here is to my last year as a twenty-something.  Turned twenty-nine yesterday, which is a pretty underwhelming birthday beyond the fact that it sums up the end of an important and formative decade.  All and all it has been good and I feel like 29 will continue the trend (though, secretly – or not so much – I’m really looking forward to 30).

In other big news, besides yesterday being my day of birth, it also marks six years of living here in South Carolina which has also been good.  In that time I have really come around to thinking of SC as my home, and while New England in general, and Vermont in specific will always hold a special place in my heart, I am pretty committed at this point to spending the foreseeable future of my life in the South.

Another bit of big news is that this year, and the month of June in particular, marks my tenth anniversary of High School graduation.  I think that, more than my age or the length of time living in South Carolina, seems the strangest.  On one hand it feels like such a long time ago, on another, it seems like only yesterday.  At times I feel like such a different person from the one I was a decade ago, but at others I don’t feel all that different at all.  I love that I am able to still keep in touch with a lot of people from high school (and earlier) with social media.  Sure it might not be quite the same as sitting down face to face and having a conversation with somebody, but it does help to remember people whom I shared experiences with in one of those other formative parts of my life.  That isn’t half bad.  So, to all my high school pals whom I still keep in relative contact with, here’s to ten years of growing and maturing and understanding things more, hopefully it’s served us well.  (As an aside, I wish that I could make it to my 10 year high school anniversary this year, unfortunately, because I will already be taking a lot of time off in the beginning of July for my cousin’s wedding, it looks unlikely that I’ll be able to make the event.  Oh well, there is always 20 years right?).

Finally, back to birthdays.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the past few years, and that thinking is, it is illogical to say that somebody is a new age on their birthday.  Instead age change should occur six months out to your birthday, because, within reason, after being a said age for six months, you are actually closer to your next age than your current one (so, in December, I will actually be closer to being 30 than I will be to continuing to being 29).  While it would still be fine to celebrate one’s day of birth, for all intents an purposes, somebody in the few months leading up to the next marker point, should fee free to call him/herself that upcoming age.  Admittedly I have kind of been doing this for a few year’s anyways.  Nobody has held me to the technicality yet (though, I suppose the technicalities are more important at like 18 and 21, for various legal reasons).

Anywho, hope y’all (and with six years in SC under my belt I’m totally cool with “y’all” in common parlance now) have a great week.



~ by Nathaniel on June 3, 2013.

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