Skeleton Army Week

Yesterday I posted what I felt was a rather poignant Facebook status update, writing:

Can we all just agree that both zombies and vampires are feeling kind of dated for our undead pop-culture icons and just get on with our evil skeleton army literature?

Seriously, vampires are over done, zombies are tiresome, mummies have pretty much always been lame, but who doesn’t love a good ol’ apocalyptic skeleton army?

In a desire to spread the word about the quality and awesomeness of skeleton armies I have been creating a series of skeleton army doodles.  You can see some of them below.

Furthermore, I’d love to hear examples of good skeleton armies already existing in literature, movies, etc.  Share in the comments.  (The obvious one is “Army of Darkness” but I am also going to go ahead and throw “Jason and the Argonauts” out there).

Doodles for your pleasure:

Skeleton warrior

Here you can see a typical skeleton army warrior in armor.

Skeleton Pterodactyl Rider

Skeleton armies employ all sorts of advanced units including aerial squadrons of pterodactyl riders.

Skeleton Army Marching Band

What good is an army without a marching band? Not good at all. Skeletons know this. Question though, how does a skeleton play a flute?

Skeleton army catapult squad

For demolition purposes skeletons use all manners of siege weapons.

skeleton army soldiers

Rank and file skeleton army soldiers

~ by Nathaniel on June 4, 2013.

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