Signs of the Apocalypse: The Driverless Car

Well maybe not a big apocalypse . . . but a bumpy road perhaps?

I think about driverless cars a lot, for one, and only one reason; I hate driving.  There, I’ve said it, driving is just not my thing.  That being said I found Allison Arieff’s article “Driving Sideways” and interesting read (and really a good primer on ideas surrounding autonomous vehicle travel).

Unquestionably there could be some major benefits of driverless cars; safer roads, less traffic, easier travel for people who cannot physically drive, etc.  But there are also a ton of complications and potential pitfall.  Considering the current state of a number of transportation projects in this country (think: falling apart bridges and high-speed rail), it is uncertain whether or not something like autonomous cars will ever become a big reality (Google can claim all the fame for the little reality).

But I’ll keep hoping.  After spending nearly 3 hours in New York City traffic recently, I’d love to live in a world where a bunch of robo-cars know how to move better (though robo-cars are undoubtedly just an aspect of the big ol’ grand Killbot Apocalypse).

~ by Nathaniel on July 24, 2013.

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