The Worst (or Best?) Phone App

I kind of love everything about the Send Me to Heaven app.  It is completely and utterly and piece of maniacal genius.  All the while it is also absolute reckless stupidity.  In some ways, I can see it as being a little bit of satire incarnate.  It challenges us in regards to our unfaltering attachment to our physical devices while simultaneously and subtly prodding our competitive nature with a simple score board. As the above linked article keenly notes “Effectively, it turns throwing your phone into a sport akin to Russian Roullette.”  If we don’t throw, what does it tell us about the degree to which we are attached to our pocket sized computers?  If we do throw it tells us how fleeting and inconsequential our things are, even at great expense.  And if we don’t even bother getting it?  Well that probably just means more practical minds prevail.

I wonder if installing the app. negates any warranty or insurance on the device?  I wonder when they’re be a version for tablets?  Oh the possibilities . . . they’re delightfully wicked.

~ by Nathaniel on August 12, 2013.

One Response to “The Worst (or Best?) Phone App”

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