Signs of the Apocalypse: Phones

I feel like Charlene deGuzman’s short film “I Forgot My Phone” is a pretty poignant and depressing comment on our modern reality.  I feel it more so because I am just as likely to be one of the people perpetuating it.

Look, there is a ton of great things about cellphones in general and smartphones in particular.  They provide entertainment, access to a wealth of information, and connectivity to almost every corner of the world.  But, they can also be huge distractions, even to the point of being dangerously so (for my part I refuse to answer any phone calls I get while driving.  Nothing is that pressing for me to risk an accident, where not only might I be hurt, but others could be too).  What moments do we miss when we’re giving more attention to our devices than the world around us?

It shouldn’t be a call to all throw away our phones.  Again, obviously they can provide some wonderful benefits.  But maybe it is a challenge for us to try and leave our phones behind once in awhile, to be okay to miss a call or text, or to even just turn the thing off for a day.

Otherwise, obviously this will happen.

~ by Nathaniel on August 27, 2013.

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