Signs of the Apocalypse: Asteroids

As I have mentioned in past posts, I do not generally tend to think in overwhelmingly apocalyptic terms (which yes, makes the title of this blog ironic).  While a lot of people love to go on and on about how this or that is going to ruin things, I tend to think more in general terms.  There are unquestionably threats and challenges to humanity, both natural and man-made, but, likely, no single one of them will cause such a catastrophe to be ultimately apocalyptic.

Except maybe an asteroid strike.

That is why this New York Times article is worth considering.  When I think in terms of natural occurrences that could really and literally “fuck us over,” a major asteroid strike is always on the top of the list (followed closely by a super volcanic eruption).  Part of the threat from asteroids is that we really do not have a good grasp of how many there are and then, in addition, where they are. Considering the giant 1908 Tunguska asteroid strike, which had it hit a populated area would have been hugely devastating, there is legitimate reason for concern.

So yeah, asteroids, them be scary scary things. Ask a dinosaur, they know (I have four dinosaurs, and while not the brightest, and used primarily for egg production, they have totally said that asteroids are the shit).

~ by Nathaniel on November 7, 2013.

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