Gaucho 1868

I follow an RSS feed of Wikimedia Commons pictures of the day because I like to look at random pictures of things.  This past Saturday, this was the picture of the day:


Look at this guy, he is amazing. If you pick up a copy of the OED and look up “Bad Ass” there is a picture of this guy under definition #3.

Okay, so great picture right?  Here is the thing though, I have had a print out of this picture on my office wall for the past three years.  Why?  Because it is amazing.  Truly, it is like one of my single favorite photographs of a person ever.  I have no clue where I first found it, but when I did, I said to myself “Self, you need that picture somewhere where it will be visible to you most days.” And so I took the efforts of assuring that (and currently this photo looks down upon my desk slightly to the upper right of where I daily sit).

I’m glad to see that it is getting the attention and credit it deserves by being named a “picture of the day.” I’m doing my part, in addition, by posting this blog post.

~ by Nathaniel on November 11, 2013.

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