You Ever Have One of Those Mornings . . .

. . . where it seems to be starting off pretty nice.  You get up, take a nice hot shower, drink some coffee, and read the news.  Nothing is urgent.  You feel pretty relaxed and good.  You’re ready to tackle the day.

Then something goes just a bit wrong.  Oh, it’s nothing, just a little chaos in all the lovely order.  Except more keeps happening, and soon, that “nice morning” is a distant memory to the disorder and frustration that has, like some spiteful storm, blown into your day.

That is about how I’m feeling right now.

Honestly, it isn’t all that bad, but things did get frustrating fast, and it seems like things want to keep being that way today.  It sucks.

But I don’t believe in fate.  Frustrating occurrences happen all the time.  Sometimes I react more negatively than I should.  Sometimes I take it in as much stride as I can muster. While I probably wasn’t as graceful earlier, when things first started to “fuck up” I am committed to making the best out of the rest of my day.  When I encounter stress lately, I’ve been trying to run myself through three thoughts: Can I change the situation? If “No” can I change my attitude about the situation?  If “No” to that, then can I at least accept that the situation has happened and move on from there?  Hopefully I can answer “Yes” to at least one of the three.  Then, I have put control, even to a small degree, back in my hands.

Life is rarely ever easy folks.  I know this all to well.  And, I am certainly not always the most graceful at dealing with the less than easy bits.  But, I do try and reflect.  I do try and think about what I can do.  And sometimes that is just enough.

So here is to a good rest of the day.

Hope yours is stellar too.

~ by Nathaniel on November 13, 2013.

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